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1-4 x 24 - .25moa - FC-2 Reticle
1-4 x 24 - .25moa - FC-2 Reticle
List Price: $1,252.00
Our Price: $1,202.00
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If hunting big, dangerous game is your passion, there is no better scope on the market to keep the odds in your favor. Its low profile complements big bore bolt action and double rifles. At 1 power, it is as quick as open sights and vastly more precise, allowing you to shoot with both eyes open. Your field of view is a full 100 feet at 100 yards, providing instant target acquisition and precise shot placement. It is designed for hunting dangerous game at close quarters, in dense brush, and for running targets. It is one of the few scopes in the world that will withstand repeated recoil from the largest magnum calibers.
2.5-10 x 32 - .25moa - MOAR Reticle - PTL
2.5-10 x 32 - .25moa - MOAR Reticle - PTL
List Price: $1,465.00
Our Price: $1,421.00
You save $44.00!
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NXS Compact 2.5-10 x 32 mm - .25 moa - MOAR Reticle
Our Compact NXS series with 32mm objective lenses has proven that a scope needn’t be massive to provide exceptional performance. In fact, our customers tell us they find the clarity, resolution and image quality superior to competitors’ scopes having much larger objective lenses. So, you can imagine the performance you’ll enjoy with our new 2.5-10 x 32. We designed it to answer the requests of hunters for a larger objective lens with even more low-light capability, yet in a compact, lightweight, streamlined instrument that complements—not overwhelms—a hunting rifle. Our Compact NXS scopes were originally created for U.S. Special Forces for use with night vision devices, which should tell you something about their capability. Our new 2.5-10 x 32 has no parallax concerns; a larger exit pupil makes for faster target acquisition; and at just 12 inches in length and 19 ounces, it represents the optimum ratio of size-to-weight performance. Like crafting a fine watch, building a small riflescope that outperforms most larger, bulkier scopes demands a commitment to tolerances, materials, and innovative optical design few scope companies have the resources—or the desire—to make.
2.5-10 x 32 - .1 MRAD - Mil-Dot - Zerostop - PTL
2.5-10 x 32 - .1 MRAD - Mil-Dot - Zerostop - PTL
List Price: $1,744.00
Our Price: $1,692.00
You save $52.00!
(Out of Stock)

The 2.5-10 x 32 NXSTM has proven extremely popular with hunters, law enforcement officers, our armed forces, and tactical/field shooters. At just 12 inches in length, it represents the optimum in size-to-weight performance. A large exit pupil makes for faster target acquisition, and there are no parallax or focusing issues to slow you down in the field. It outperforms scopes with much larger objective lenses, proving that size is no substitute for quality. New! Power Throw Lever (PTLTM) Instant magnification changes in a fraction of a second, even if you’re wearing gloves. Your riflescope arrives with a flush insert, which you can easily replace with the threaded PTLTM knob. Like so many Nightforce features, the PTLTM is included on our Compacts at no extra cost.

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