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4-14 x 56 - .25moa - MOAR Reticle - Non-illuminated
4-14 x 56 - .25moa - MOAR Reticle - Non-illuminated
List Price: $995.00
Our Price: $975.00
You save $20.00!

About the only complaint we hear about our riflescopes is that they aren’t cheap.

Nightforce riflescopes will never be “cheap.” The quality of materials, the precise tolerances, the skilled workmanship, and the need to withstand a lifetime of recoil make it physically impossible to build a world-class riflescope that is “cheap.”

But, we thought, perhaps we could make one a little more affordable.

One of the most difficult challenges we’ve ever faced was building a riflescope that is worthy of the Nightforce name in every regard—yet within the reach of a wider range of hunters and shooters who don’t need the “overbuilt” characteristics of our NXS™ series, most of which were originally created to withstand actual combat conditions.

It wasn’t easy. But we did it, by limiting some options, offering simpler controls, and using a less complex manufacturing process…not by reducing the quality of its components.

Welcome to the Nightforce SHV™ 4-14 x 56. We are confident it will outperform any riflescope in its price range. And frankly, many that cost much, much more.

All we cut were costs. Not corners.

5-20 x 56 - .25moa - zeroset - MOAR Reticle - Non-illuminated
5-20 x 56 - .25moa - zeroset - MOAR Reticle - Non-illuminated
List Price: $1,195.00
Our Price: $1,171.00
You save $24.00!

Now, exceptional precision at extended ranges made possible
by higher magnification is available at a reasonable price. While the quality
of many lesser variable-power riflescopes deteriorates dramatically at high
magnifications, our SHV™ 5-20 x 56 provides superb clarity, crispness and color
contrast throughout its entire range, from minimum to maximum. ZeroSet™ is
standard, allowing a rapid return to your chosen zero even after multiple
elevation adjustments.